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sabai designs gallery offers an exotic collection of art, antiques and textiles from Thailand, Laos, Burma, Vietnam, Yunnan and Cambodia. We focus on beautiful and rare creations that reflect the colourful cultures and traditions of the East. Among items found on our site are those from minority hill tribe groups, rich in culture and tradition, including the Hmong, Naga, Chin and Yao. Many of our items are exceptional, 'one of a kind' pieces that are unlikely to be found again.


Our collection includes Buddhist art, Laotian silk textiles, antique tribal jewellery, tribal textiles, stone and bronze sculpture, tribal art, etchings, antique bronze bells, antique pipes and opium weights. We are happy to provide a written guarantee of authenticity for any of our items.


For your interest, we have provided links to articles about our collections, including information about the various peoples who created them and a brief history of their artistic traditions.


Chin Collection Buddhist Art


Naga Collection Etching Collection


Silk Collection Bronze Bell Collection


Lacquerware Collection Opium Weight Collection


Asian Home DecorHmong Collection 



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